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Whether to add grocery items to the mix when you are opening a dollar store is certainly a very challenging question to answer. On the one hand, if you do this well, both traffic and purchases will increase significantly. On the other hand buy amazon best selling grocery you are adding lots of work, responsibility and investment to make carrying grocery items possible. For most high-volume stores, the answer is to carry at least a basic grocery department. For smaller, lower-volume dollar stores the answer isn’t as clear. In this article I present ideas about the pros and cons of carrying groceries when opening a dollar store.

If you are opening a dollar store there is a long list of challenges associated with carrying food items in your store. Snacks are one thing, but if you choose to expand into grocery lines in your dollar store, be sure to do your homework upfront. There are rules and guidelines for handling groceries. There may be requirements for licensing and even inspections associated with the effort.

Many food items may also require date management, as well as handling recalls and other problems associated with food products. Your responsibility doesn’t stop there. You must also manage inventory for dents and broken seals.

Grocery items are generally heavy to lift; much heavier than your typical dollar store items. This adds the requirement of extra labor for your store. Additionally expect added employee expense for maintaining the grocery department in your store. As noted above there are date and quality management duties to be performed regularly.

If you are opening a dollar store with grocery items you also face having your utility bills increase. For example if you have freezer cases or coolers for food, expect a big jump in your electric bill. Carrying produce items adds a very time-sensitive element. Fruits and vegetables are extremely perishable. They need just the right temperature to maximize shelf life. Inventory must be constantly monitored and adjusted as products become unsalable.

Carrying groceries in your dollar store comes with very tight margins. In fact you’ll soon learn just how tough it is to be a success in the grocery industry. At times you will begin to wonder why anyone would want to become a grocer.

In today’s economic environment higher-sales stores must seriously consider adding groceries to the mix. Food almost always sells well. You’ll likely find customers return more frequently to your store. You’ll also likely find your average sale size increases.