Yo WhatsApp Apk 2020- Alternative Of WhatsApp

YO Whatsapp 2020
Most of the people are tense to keep their private life safe. They want their chatting to not be read by a third person. We are sure that you also want the same thing as you want some more special feature in WhatsApp.

So that you can keep your private chats secure and download the status of others. yo whatsapp download latest version You will be surprised to know that you can get all of this so easily using the Yo Whatsapp for android.

What is Yo WhatsApp?
Yo Whatsapp is an alternative or says a copy of WhatsApp which allows you to chat with your friend privately. You can download the status of others, and hide your last seen with others. There are so many different features that Whatsapp has never provided.

Why Should You Use Yo WhatsApp instead of normal Whatsapp?
Whatsapp is the most common and active chatting platform for sure. But, you may need some more additional tools and make your WhatsApp more useful and quick. You must use Yo Whatsapp for the following reasons:

App Lock Feature
Yo WhatsApp provides you an in-built app lock which provides you more security for your chats.

Advanced Messaging
You can send messages to unsaved numbers/contacts. This function is not provided in the simple WhatsApp.

New Emoji
Yo WhatsApp provides you with new emoji and emoticons, this makes your conversation more effective and expressive.

Multiple Languages
This app has multiple languages support so you can choose the most comfortable language for yourself. Recently the Azerbaijani language has been added to Yo Whatsapp.

Some features of Yo WhatsApp
You can block the calls of any contact or unsaved number.
You can change the name color of your group’s members.
You can choose colors for the ticks which is a new experience.
You can hide your online status from persons for privacy.
You can send 10 images in one message.
You can also hide blue ticks when you see someone’s message.
You can hide the status watched by you.
You can set background images.
The library of the themes is full of designs.
Is Yo WhatsApp safe to use?
Till now, there is no complaint registered about the app to be unsafe. It does not contain any malware and does not leak any personal information as we have researched. This app uses the same source code of the Original WhatsApp and modifies it to provide better features.

How to install Yo Whatsapp for android?
To install the Yo Whatsapp for android all you need to do is to follow some simple steps.

First, open your mobile browser and search for Yo Whatsapp
Next Download the YoWhatsapp from the search result.
Next, go to download and install the app.
Now, you need to log in to Yo Whatsapp with your mobile number. (You can use the same number for YoWhatsapp which you used to use for original Whatsapp).
This is it. Now you can enjoy using the Yo WhatsApp in your Android phone.